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Welcome to our blog. As the physicians of Specialty Orthopaedics, we would like to use this blog to answer questions, and promote discussion and education about different musculoskeletal issues. Medicine is an unknown world for those not acutely involved. We live in an age where people “Google” everything from foot pain to shoulder surgery. Some of the information out there is valuable, some more harmful. We would like our contribution to educate and inform, or at least stimulate healthy discussion. Our hope is to answer questions as well as post about a variety of orthopaedic issues and new innovations from each of our fields of expertise. Together we can learn something, and promote discussion and shared knowledge. We hope you enjoy our posts, and we always welcome feedback and comments..


  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks to Dr. McWilliam and Maria for making Justin's procedure as stress-free as possible! We are truly appreciative of the quality of care he received from your office! – We are hoping for a speedy recovery and a quick return to the track!! Thank you again!

  2. Larry Medvinsky says:

    What are your thoughts on osteotomy (whether open or closed wedged) for a 46 year old active male?  Does it compliate a future partial or full joint replacement?  Do you generally feel a replacement is a more recommended procedure than the osteotomy?

    • ydharmd says:

      Thanks for your question!

      A tibial osteotomy has been a good alternative to a knee replacement for young, active patients, with arthritis limited to one side of the knee.  There are different techniques for HTO and different outcomes studies have shown no statistical difference while some have shown adverse outcomes when HTOs are later converted to total knee replacements.  HTO will not eliminate the arthritis but may slow the progression,   Even still, some people may go on to uni- or total knee arthroplasty in the future.  I attached a link to the AAOS website for further information.


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