Sound Shore Medical Center Records First Hip Arthroscopy

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – December 14, 2010 – Sound Shore Medical Center is pleased to announce its first Hip Arthroscopy surgery performed by Dr. Yasmin Dhar, Chief of Sports Medicine.

While arthroscopy procedures for the knee and shoulder are widely used, scoping the hip has been slower to evolve. The hip joint is much deeper in the body and, therefore, less accessible. In addition, because the hip is a “ball and socket” type joint, surgery must employ traction so surgical instruments can fit through the small incisions and then inside the joint – without causing further damage to cartilage. For these reasons, orthopedic surgeons, such as Dr. Dhar, who perform this relatively new procedure, require special training, experience and a high level of skill. Candidates for hip arthroscopy generally include active individuals with hip pain, who have not responded to conservative measures to relieve symptoms and have minimal cartilage loss. This was the case for Dr. Dhar’s athletic, middle-aged patient with a degenerative hip condition that compromised motion and caused significant discomfort. Removing frayed tissue and loose bodies within the joint, through arthroscopic surgery, results in a quicker, pain-free return to prior activities. Less than two weeks post surgery, the patient is using no walking aides, has a normal gait and reports being pain free.

Dr. Dhar’s areas of expertise include injuries of the knee including anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscal tears. She also specializes in the treatment of rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, elbow and hip disorders as well as cartilage restoration procedures. Dr. Dhar treats patients of all ages and uses a conservative approach for maximum recovery.

Dr. Dhar is a graduate of New York University and New York Medical College. She completed her Orthopedic Surgery residency at New York Medical College - Westchester Medical Center, where she was Chief Resident, a member of the Chief Resident Advisory Committee and an instructor of Orthopaedics at New York Medical College. Dr. Dhar received her sports medicine fellowship training through the world-renowned University of Pennsylvania affiliated Booth Bartolozzi Balderston Orthopaedics at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Dr. Dhar has joined Doctors Steven Zelicof, James McWilliam, Cristian Brotea and Benjamin Berenfeld at Specialty Orthopaedics, LLCP located at 600 Mamaroneck Avenue in Harrison, NY. She can be reached at 914.686.0111.

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