Innovative, comprehensive treatment of sports related injuries

Sports Medicine is a branch of medicine that is concerned with preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries that result from athletic activities. Sports medicine encompasses a wide range of pathologies, including ACL injuries, achilles tendon ruptures, rotator cuff injuries and meniscal tears. These injuries can manifest themselves in many different ways – low back pain, muscle cramps, and “runner’s knee” are common indications of something serious.

You don’t have to go to the City to find an orthopedic solution. Specialty Orthopaedics is the foremost sports medicine clinic in Westchester County, and services the Southern Connecticut and Northern Bronx areas as well. Dr. Dhar is established as one of Westchester, New York’s premier sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery specialists, providing the most innovative solutions to get patients enjoying life again.

Specialty Orthopaedics focuses on state of the art treatment – minimally invasive surgery and arthroscopy..