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What is bunion surgery/bunionectomy?

A bunion is a condition characterized by a small bump on the outer edge of your big toe, commonly caused by compression of the feet in either high heels or shoes that are excessively small. The condition causes pain and inflammation, making it difficult to wear your normal shoes and sometimes even disrupting your ability to walk or run. Bunionectomy is a medical procedure that can remove a bunion that is causing serious pain or problems. The fellowship-trained surgeons at Specialty Orthopaedics have extensive experience providing treatment for bunions, including bunion removal surgery.

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Why is bunion surgery used?

You might be a good candidate for a bunionectomy if you:

  • Are experiencing severe pain from a bunion
  • Have tried conservative treatment options without bunion pain relief
  • Are experiencing difficulty walking
  • Are unable to wear your normal shoes due to a bunion

How does bunion surgery work?

Our experienced surgeons at Speciality Orthopaedics will walk you through all of the steps of your bunion removal surgery, as they may vary from person to person. Generally, you can expect the following on the day of your bunionectomy:

  • Your surgeon makes a small incision on one side of your foot, near the protrusion.
  • Using special surgical tools, the bunion is removed.
  • The bone is smoothed out to form a more natural-looking curve.
  • The small incision is closed using stitches.

Following your bunionectomy, there will be certain recovery steps that you’ll need to follow according to your surgeon’s recommendations. We will go through all these steps with you personally and address any concerns or questions you may have at that time. Our goal is to help you get back to walking and wearing your regular shoes as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of undergoing bunion surgery?

Specialty Orthopaedics is skilled and experienced in providing successful bunion removal procedures. When you choose to have your bunion surgery at our practice, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Bunion pain relief
  • Restored ability to walk and bear weight on the affected toe
  • Ability to wear your regular shoes shortly after surgery
  • Experienced and caring wrist orthopedic surgeons
  • Evidence-based orthopedic surgery techniques
  • Performed at some of the best orthopedic hospitals in the country

What our Specialty Orthopaedics Patients Have to Say

“I’ve been a NYC doctor for years with pain in my bunions. I went to many doctors here with minimal relief. I finally was referred to Dr. Littlejohn. I was skeptical considering going outside of Manhattan. I was so glad I did. His office staff and himself went beyond any experience I have had here. He listened to my complaints, reviewed my prior X-rays and came up with a solution that worked for my day to day life. The surgery I had with him completely fixed my bunion and made me feel like I never skipped a beat at work. I’m so happy I had it done and I don’t even have a scar! I was back to work immediately and got to wear my heels to dinner within weeks. I now refer all my colleagues to him and I’m so happy I found him!” – S.S


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