Bone Talk with Dr. Zelicof as heard on WVOX radio 1460 am

06/02/23 – Joe Piscopo show 970 am


12/19/2022 – Discussion with Dr Valdet Nikci regarding wrist fractures and common wrist and hand injuries





06/20/2022 – The use of regenerative medicine in rotator cuff tears with Dr. Yasmin Dhar

5/16/2022-Advanced Anesthesia techniques for Total Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery with guest Lyabo Muse, MD. Section, chief of Orthopedic Anesthesia at Westchester Medical Center

4/18/22-Conditioning, Practice, Performance…Optimizing your golf swing and avoiding injury with Steven Zelicof, MD and Steven Brissette, DPT, TItleist Performance Institute

3/21/22-Advances in the treatment of chronic back pain and spinal stenosis with Dr Craig Shalmi

2/21/22- Common questions about hip arthritis and Total Hip Replacement Surgery

12/20/21 – Advances in Pain Management with Dr. Craig Shalmi

10/14/21 – The role of Chiropractic medicine in Musculoskeletal issues with Dr. Jordan Kosterich

9/20/21 – Total Hip Replacement surgery with Dr. Steven Zelicof

8/16/21 – Common Causes of Knee Pain with Dr. Yasmin Dhar

7/19/21 – My Aching Feet! Featuring Dr Jared Littlejohn

06/21/21 – Spinal Stenosis with Dr. Cristian Brotea

05/17/21 – Common Questions about Total Knee Replacement with Dr. Steven Zelicof

04/19/21 – Golf After Total Hip and Knee Replacement with Dr. Zelicof & Dr. Paul Spano, DPT

03/15/21 – Osteoporosis with Dr. Zelicof

02/23/21 – Rotator Cuff Injuries and Treatment with Dr Yasmin Dhar

02/19/21 – Low Back Pain, Sciatica and Spinal Disorders with Dr. Cristian Brotea

01/18/21 – Wellness and Nutrition during Covid with Alexandra Kaplan Corwin MS, RDN, CDN, CDE, CSP

12/22/2020 – Assessing Neck and Back Pain with Dr. Cristian Brotea, MD

11/16/20 – Diabetic Foot and Ankle disorders and Diabetic Nutrition with Dr. Jared Littlejohn, DPM and Christine McGuiness 

10/19/2020 – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Common Hand Problems with Dr. Valdet Nikci, MD

9/21/20 – Exercise in the time of Covid 19 with Dr. Dhar and Dr. Zelicof.

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