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What is an Achilles tendon rupture?

Your Achilles tendon is a portion of the back of your leg just above your heel, connecting muscles in your calf to your heel bone. When your Achilles tendon is overstretched it can rip (rupture) either fully or partially. The pain associated with an Achilles tendon rupture onsets immediately and may be accompanied by a pop or pulling feeling. At Specialty Orthopaedics, we’re associated with some of the best orthopedic hospitals in the country, treating the full range of tendon injuries–including Achilles tendon ruptures–with the most innovative treatment techniques.

The causes of A Achilles tendon rupture

Your Achilles tendon gets very little blood flow, making it prone to injury. An Achilles tendon tear is most commonly the result of one of the following sudden increases in stress on the tendon:

  • Falling from a height onto the foot or ankle
  • Stepping wrong, often the result of stepping into a hole
  • Participating in intense sports, often that involve jumping

What are the symptoms of an Achilles tendon rupture?

If you experience any of the following Achilles tendon tear symptoms, speak with one of our trusted physicians at Specialty Orthopaedics:

  • Heel pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Calf pain
  • Swelling near the heel
  • Popping sound or feeling in the back during injury
  • Inability to point toes or stand on toes

How we diagnose A Achilles tendon rupture

Diagnosing an Achilles tendon tear can be done during a simple in-office exam at Specialty Orthopaedics. One of our fellowship-trained physicians conducts a physical evaluation of your lower leg and Achilles tendon area to determine if you have injured the tendon, and the extent of your injury. If we’re not sure whether you’ve suffered from a full or partial Achilles tendon tear based on a physical exam alone, your doctor may recommend one of the following imaging tests to see the area in detail and make a proper diagnosis:

  • Ultrasound tests
  • MRI scans

How is an Achilles tendon rupture treated?

We always address any orthopedic injury using the least invasive treatment options whenever possible. Conservative treatments for an Achilles tendon tear might include:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Pain relief medications
  • Walking with a boot or cast
  • Lifestyle modifications

When conservative options are not enough to fully repair the Achilles tendon or when you suffer from a complete Achilles tendon tear, we will likely recommend Achilles tendon repair surgery with one of our certified orthopedic surgeons at Specialty Orthopaedics. We use the latest techniques backed by research so you can feel confident and comfortable knowing that you’ll be back on your feet as soon as possible.

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“From the office staff, testing team and the hospital team you can not find a more caring group of professionals. Dr. Zelicof is so compassionate and you can tell he wants to get you to a point of being your best self. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. God bless you all.”

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