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Ankle arthritis

What is ankle arthritis?

Ankle arthritis is the term used to describe the wearing away of cartilage that protects the bones of your ankle joint. When this happens, your bones are no longer sufficiently padded to prevent bone-on-bone rubbing. The result is chronic ankle joint pain, swelling, immobility, and damage to the joint. Because your ankles are so critical for everyday functions, ankle arthritis can be a devastating condition that requires the care and knowledge of an experienced orthopedic physician. At Specialty Orthopaedics, we’ve cared for many patients suffering from ankle arthritis, and have the expertise needed to get you back on your feet.

There are three types of ankle arthritis:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis of the ankle – the least common type of arthritis that is the result of an immune system problem
  • Post-traumatic arthritis of the ankle – a specific kind of arthritis resulting from past ankle injuries
  • Osteoarthritis of the ankle – the most common type of arthritis that wears away the cartilage due to your natural aging process

What causes ankle arthritis?

Ankle arthritis is caused by a number of factors, but most commonly due to your body’s natural aging process. For this reason, ankle arthritis will usually show up later in life. In other cases, it could develop due to a prior injury to the ankle, in which case the arthritis pain in your ankle tends to onset years after the initial injury. At Specialty Orthopaedics, we’ve treated the full range of ankle injuries, including arthritis. We’ve seen many different causes for the problem and can help you determine the root cause of your problem.

What are the symptoms of ankle arthritis?

Visit one of our experienced ankle arthritis doctors for a full evaluation and diagnosis if you experience any of the following ankle arthritis symptoms:

  • Ankle swelling
  • Ankle pain
  • Foot pain
  • Feeling of heat in your ankle
  • Ankle redness
  • Difficulty walking
  • Limited range of motion in ankle or foot

How is ankle arthritis diagnosed?

We have years of experience evaluating patients with ankle pain complaints about potential orthopedic problems. Our practice is home to orthopedic providers who specialize specifically in arthritis and ankle conditions. We have the training and expertise needed to properly diagnose your condition as well as offering the full range of both traditional and innovative treatment options. During your evaluation, we’ll ask you questions about your current pain level, disruptions to your normal routine due to the pain, and other symptoms. We may also suggest one of the following imaging tests to examine the extent of your ankle cartilage damage:

  • X-rays
  • MRI scans
  • CT scans

How is ankle arthritis treated?

In some cases, ankle arthritis may be managed using conservative approaches. Whenever possible, we recommend the following non-surgical treatments for ankle arthritis:

  • Foot orthotics for ankle arthritis
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Canes or braces
  • Pain medication

In the event that your ankle arthritis has progressed to a more severe level, we may recommend ankle arthritis surgery, including ankle arthroscopy or ankle replacement surgery.

If you are experiencing symptoms of ankle arthritis, visit Specialty Orthopaedics. Our New York orthopedic practice is home to a team of fellowship-trained orthopedists in a variety of orthopedic specialty areas. We offer comprehensive treatment for musculoskeletal disorders in a caring and responsive clinical atmosphere. Give us a call at 914.686.0111 or click here to schedule your appointment today.

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