About Specialty Orthopaedics

Our Mission

The mission of Specialty Orthopaedics is to provide comprehensive treatment for the full range of musculoskeletal disorders and conditions in a caring and responsive clinical atmosphere. Our doctors have years of clinical experience and are committed to offering both traditional treatment modalities, in addition to innovative conservative and surgical treatments for disorders of the extremities and spine.

With a foundation in evidence-based orthopaedics, we are committed to the development of new techniques, the advancement of research, and active participation in the education of patients, established medical professionals, residents in-training, and medical students. Additionally, we are pleased to offer some of the latest surgical options, including Mako robotic-assisted joint replacement, which helps improve the precision and accuracy of joint replacement surgery.

Our Philosophy

Specialty Orthopaedics’ philosophy on treating patients is that before considering surgery, all patients should try a comprehensive approach to non-surgical treatment. Those who fail to find success with conservative treatment and elect to have surgery are thoroughly evaluated with respect to general health, lifestyle, living situation and occupation before the doctor and patient choose the appropriate surgery.

Our physicians have trained and continue to work at some of the best orthopaedic hospitals in the country. In addition, our treatments and use of cutting-edge technology, such as minimally invasive surgery (MIS), hip resurfacing, partial knee replacement, computer-assisted surgery, custom-fit knee technology, and advanced reconstructive shoulder care has helped us to become a leader in joint care here in New York State.

When surgery is necessary to correct an orthopaedic disorder or injury, our hospitals have state-of-the-art operating rooms. Equipped with the most advanced instrumentation and equipment, these operating rooms are staffed by highly trained professionals who assist our physicians during surgery, and monitor patients in the recovery room. If surgery is recommended, the operative plan and the recovery process will be thoroughly explained to each patient by your physician.

Physical rehabilitation is an integral part of successful recovery, whether it is used as the primary treatment for a disorder or follows a surgical procedure to enhance the healing process. With this in mind, physical therapists and our physicians design individual exercise programs for each patient so that optimum recovery is achieved as soon as possible.

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