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What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cells are cells that are found in your body, which generate new cells under certain conditions. New cells are needed to replace old, damaged, or diseased cells in your body. Usually, the conditions needed to naturally create new cells only occurs in your body. However, current research has developed a way to generate these same conditions, allowing doctors to offer stem cell therapy as a regenerative treatment option for patients. Stem cell therapy is utilized at Specialty Orthopaedics to stimulate your body’s healing process for patients suffering from a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

Why is stem cell therapy used?

Stem cell therapy may be recommended by one of our orthopedic specialists if you are suffering from any of the below conditions:

What does stem cell therapy involve?

Stem cell therapy involves using naturally-occurring cells to help your body regenerate new, healthy tissues. Depending on the type of stem cell therapy you are undergoing, your process will vary. At Specialty Orthopaedics, we walk you through all of the steps of your stem cell therapy, guiding you on what you can expect as you go through your treatment.

Undergoing stem cell therapy with our experienced physicians at Specialty Orthopaedics means you’ll have a partner throughout your treatment process as well as your recovery. We take the time to coordinate your personal treatment and recovery plan and are always available to answer your questions along the way.

What are the benefits of having stem cell therapy?

Using stem cell therapy has many benefits, which include:

  • Non-surgical healing and pain relief
  • Enhances your natural ability to heal
  • Helps treat the actual issue rather than its symptoms
  • Experienced and caring orthopedic specialists
  • Evidence-based and innovative approaches to regenerative medicine
  • Affiliated with some of the best orthopedic hospitals in the country

If you are interested in stem cell therapy, visit Specialty Orthopaedics. Our New York orthopedic practice is home to a team of fellowship-trained orthopedists in a variety of specialty areas. We offer comprehensive treatment for musculoskeletal disorders in a caring and responsive clinical atmosphere. Give us a call at 914.686.0111 or fill out the form on this page to schedule your appointment today.

Dr. Steven Zelicof

Dr. Steven Zelicof

Joint Replacement & Arthritis Specialist

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Dr. Yasmin Dhar

Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery Specialist

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