Slip and Fall Season: Avoid Injuries

Avoid falling in winterThe average snowfall in Harrison, New York is only about 30 inches – much less than a place like Buffalo or Syracuse. But we have enough icy, slippery, and snowy days to result in a large number of unexpected hip, knee, and ankle injuries. Fear of slip and fall season should not keep you inside the house all winter, but we do encourage you to take precautions. Here are some things you can do to be more cautious and avoid injury.

If the Shoe Fits

You don’t necessarily need to drag out your winter boots that take 20 minutes to lace every time the sky is overcast, but wearing shoes with good traction can definitely help you avoid injuries like ankle sprains, ACL tears, and hip injuries. Look for shoes with a rubber sole that fits well.

Don’t Stay Home All Winter, but Stay Home on the Worst Days

The best time to avoid going out is before stores have had a chance to plow their parking lots and people have not yet shoveled their walks. Reduce your risk while you can, and take full advantage of the warmer days Harrison experiences throughout the winter.

Exercise More

Regular exercise year-round can strengthen your joints so that you are less likely to be injured even if you do slip or fall. Walking is an effective way to strengthen hips, knees, and ankles, but be sure to do strengthening exercises, too.

Don’t Gamble

If your joints are already sore, you are already being treated for an injury, or you’ve just had surgery, don’t take extra risks. It’s best to just avoid the worst days. Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going, don’t rush, and be sure to call us if you aggravate an existing injury.

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