Can Anterior Cervical Fusion Surgery Improve My Neck Pain?

Anterior cervical fusion surgery is a surgery in which the two vertebrae in your neck are joined together to prevent friction between them. It is a complex surgery because of its location, but it can be beneficial for people who have degenerative disc disease (DDD), scoliosis, a herniated disc, or spinal stenosis. It may also be required to repair a neck fracture. Children and adults with Down syndrome are also more likely to require this surgery as they are prone to having instability in the neck that can lead to severe compression of the spine.

How Does Anterior Cervical Fusion Surgery Help?

This surgery can provide lasting relief from chronic neck pain. Because neck pain can be so debilitating, it can impact your quality of life, your ability to work, and your ability to exercise or play sports. It can even interfere with your ability to do simple things like reading or cooking. Our experienced and caring neck surgeons use evidence-based orthopedic techniques and have performed anterior cervical fusion surgery at some of the best orthopedic hospitals in the country.

What Happens After Surgery?

Physical therapy will be necessary after the surgery to help you regain motion in your neck. You should be able to drive within a couple of weeks, but you will not be able to lift anything over 10 pounds for several months. Some patients may find it more comfortable to wear a cervical collar for the first few weeks after surgery, especially when sleeping. While the recovery from this surgery can take some time, for patients who have exhausted all other options, it provides long-lasting relief from chronic neck pain that allows them to resume their lives.

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