Surgery for Scoliosis

Scoliosis can affect anyone at any age, and in some patients it can cause serious back pain. Fortunately, surgery for scoliosis can provide relief from pain and a whole new outlook on life. Here is some more information on scoliosis and how surgery can help. 

What is scoliosis?

Everyone’s spine has natural curves – someone with scoliosis has curves that are abnormal, most often described as being in an “S” or a “C” shape. Symptoms include back pain, uneven hips, and one shoulder blade that is higher than the other. Most cases are not serious, but if the curvature gets more severe, it can be disabling and can even make it difficult to breathe properly. 

It can be caused by genetics, birth defects, or neurological issues. Symptoms typically begin to show when the patient is just beginning puberty. Scoliosis occurs in equal numbers in boys and girls, but girls typically have it worse. 

What is the treatment for scoliosis?

If the scoliosis is very minor, there may be no treatment needed. If it is in a child, they may even grow out of it, or wearing a brace may be all that is needed. Braces nowadays are light, comfortable, and can be worn under clothes without being too noticeable. Children can still take part in their everyday activities. A brace won’t cure scoliosis or make the spine straight, but it can prevent the spine from becoming even more curved as the child grows. 

However, if the scoliosis is severe, surgery may be recommended. “Severe” means that you are always in pain, you have tried other treatments but they didn’t help, and your scoliosis is limiting what activities you can do. The most common surgical procedure to treat scoliosis is spinal fusion surgery. The surgeon will connect two or more bones in the spine so that they can’t move independently. The spine is realigned and held in place with hardware such as metal rods, wires, or screws, which will hold the spine straight. 

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