Signs You May Have a Slipped Disc

Ask anyone who has ever had a slipped disc (also known as a “herniated disc”) and they will tell you just how painful it can be. But how do you know if you have a slipped disc or if something else is causing you pain, and when is it time to visit your doctor?

What is a slipped disc?

Your spine is made up of individual vertebrae, which are comprised of bone around a soft center. A slipped disc is when the soft center pushes through the bone, and if it pushes through the bone and up against a spinal nerve it can result in neck and back pain and other problems, such as weakness, numbness, and pain in the arms or legs.

When you have back pain and these other symptoms, it can be difficult to tell if the cause is a slipped disc or something else. Here are three signs that a slipped disc may be the problem:

• You suddenly have sciatica, which is numbness or pain in the leg.

• You have pain even when you sit down, because of the extra pressure placed on a slipped disc in your lower spine.

• You notice pain when you perform certain activities, such as lifting objects, bending down, or even coughing or sneezing.

What are the causes of a slipped disc?

As with other health problems, slipped discs are often the result of normal aging. However, there are also other things that can lead to a slipped disc, such as lifting heavy objects or being injured. Smoking and being overweight can increase the odds that you’ll get a slipped disc, too.

What is the treatment for a slipped disc?

Your doctor will evaluate your symptoms and perform tests to make sure that a slipped disc is the problem. Recommended treatments may include physical therapy, massage therapy, medication, ice or heat therapy, or even just rest. Severe cases may require surgery.

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