What You Need To Know About Runner’s Knee

The most important thing about runner’s knee that you should know is that anyone can get it – it isn’t just for hardcore runners! The other thing you should know is that it can easily be treated. Are you having knee pain? Read on to see if it might be runner’s knee.

What Is Runner’s Knee?

The medical term for runner’s knee is “patellofemoral pain syndrome,” and the main symptom is a dull pain in the front of the knee. The pain may appear after activity, or your knees may even start hurting if you’ve been sitting for a long time with your knees bent. Your kneecap may feel tender to the touch, and you may hear a grinding or clicking sound when you bend and straighten your knee.

Although it isn’t considered to be serious, it can limit your activity because of the strain placed on the knee. You might get it from running, cycling, or walking, but it can also be the result of constantly bending down, as part of your job, for instance.

How Can You Prevent Runner’s Knee?

Preventing knee pain, of course, depends on what is causing the pain. Here are some ideas on what might be causing your runner’s knee:

  • You don’t stretch enough. If muscles such as your hamstrings (those on the back of the thigh) are too tight, it can cause extra stress on your legs. Stretching out your legs before activity loosens them up.
  • You’re not wearing the right shoes. You should wear shoes with the right arch support, especially when exercising.
  • You’re exercising on hard surfaces. Surfaces such as concrete and asphalt can place added stress on your feet, legs, and knees.

It is very rare that surgery is needed to treat runner’s knee. It can often be treated with elevation, over-the-counter pain medication, good shoes with the proper support, and stretching/strengthening exercises.

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