Elbow Pain: When to Rest and When to See the Doctor

elbow painSometimes, the general aches and pains you develop can go away on their own. You can start feeling better with adequate rest and minimal pain management methods.

However, there are times when pain means you should go to the doctor. How do you tell the difference? If you’ve been suffering from elbow pain, here is when you can rest by yourself and when it may be best to visit a doctor.

Rest at Home for Elbow Pain

Recurrent pain may, in some instances, be treated with rest. If your elbow pain is uncomfortable but manageable, you may be able to avoid a doctor’s visit. If the pain has lasted a few minutes to a few hours but has already begun to dull or lessen, then you’re probably fine to rest at home.

Recurrent pain may also, in some instances, be able to be treated with rest. What’s important to note is that your elbow may need more than just a few days of rest. For example, if your pain is caused by overuse, rest may take weeks.

If the pain lasts for a long time and is seemingly unresponsive to rest or other management techniques, it may be time to go to the doctor.

When It’s Time to Go to the Doctor for Elbow Pain

Even if your pain is bearable, a visit to the doctor may be needed so your condition doesn’t worsen. What could be a relatively benign injury can progress into greater degradation.

Pain that worsens with specific activity, does not respond to rest, or is sharp and shooting in nature, extending up to the shoulder or down to the fingertips, may all be signs that it’s time to have a doctor take a look.

If you’ve been experiencing pain and swelling, joint stiffness, tingling in the joint, and numbness in the pinky and ring fingers, you may suffer from elbow arthritis.

Elbow Arthritis Treatment at Specialty Orthopaedics

Elbow pain can have a variety of causes. If your elbow pain is unresponsive to at-home treatment, visit a doctor immediately to get started on a treatment plan.

Elbow arthritis can be caused by an injury that was left untreated, or it can be a symptom of aging. However, without the proper treatment, elbow arthritis can lead to further degeneration or worsening symptoms.

The staff at Specialty Orthopaedics, located in Harrison, NY, knows elbow arthritis. They are willing to provide a variety of treatments, from medication to physical therapy, to help you live a more pain-free life. They are guided by evidence-based practices and are dedicated to educating and treating our patients with care.

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