Avoid These Inflammatory Foods to Relieve Arthritis Pain

ArthritisAs we age, our risk of developing arthritis in our joints and bones becomes higher. One day, you may wake up and begin to feel pain when moving your fingerskneesshoulderships, or even your ankles and elbows. For most people, arthritis is caused by the wear and tear of joints or an immune system deficiency that can cause the body to attack its own tissues, causing pain. However, in some cases, patients can lessen the symptoms of arthritis by avoiding inflammatory foods and drinks.

Avoiding inflammatory foods and drinks while undergoing arthritis treatment from the highly trained team at Specialty Orthopaedics, you may soon be able to find relief! To help speed up the process of your arthritis recovery, avoid the following:


Among the many effects on the body that alcohol can have, it can also promote swelling and bloating in the body. Most beers, wine, and hard spirits are high in uric acid, which can increase swelling in already inflamed areas of the body. This is especially true for people who experience gout, which is a form of arthritis.


Cutting out gluten can be a challenge as it can be found in most breads, pastas, soups, and baked goods. However, avoiding gluten has been proven to lessen arthritis symptoms. While gluten itself isn’t considered an inflammatory food, some people’s immune systems process gluten as a danger and release a response to combat its digestion, causing pain and swelling.


Foods high in sugar, including carbohydrates that can be converted into sugar during digestion, can allow for the gut to become more absorbent to inflammatory particles, thus worsening symptoms of arthritis. If you can find healthy substitutes for sugar or cut it out completely, you can help alleviate your arthritis pain.

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