Surgical Intervention for Sciatica: When Is It Necessary?

If you are dealing with sciatica, surgery is often recommended if you continue to experience pain or weakness in your legs after alternative treatments have been exhausted. However, if your sciatic pain is due to a severe underlying condition, surgery may be the first line of defense. It is important to consult with an experienced orthopaedic doctor or spinal surgeon to determine the best course of action for your specific condition.

When Is Surgical Intervention Necessary?

Surgery may be recommended as a long-term treatment solution if your sciatic pain is due to a serious spinal condition. In this case, depending on your specific condition, you may benefit from the following surgical procedures:

Anterior Cervical Fusion

Compression of the spinal cord in the cervical region (neck) may produce symptoms similar to sciatic pain in the legs. By permanently joining together two vertebrae in the neck, cervical fusion eliminates the friction that may cause chronic pain symptoms and immobility issues.

Generally, the following issues of the neck and spine are treated by a cervical fusion:

  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD)
  • Neck fractures
  • Scoliosis
  • Disc herniation
  • Constriction of the cervical or spinal canal

Lumbar Discectomy Fusion

Lumbar discectomy fusion refers to the surgical removal of one or more lumbar discs, followed by the fusion of two or more vertebrae to stabilize the spine. When disc herniation or degenerative disc disease is severe, a discectomy is often the best course of treatment. Sciatica from a lumbar disc herniation may also be treated surgically with this method.

Scoliosis Surgery

Because of the atypical curvature of the spine in scoliosis, it may put pressure on the sciatic nerve, leading to severe sciatic pain. Scoliosis surgery may be recommended if your problem is severe, worsens over time, or does not improve with conservative treatment methods. Similar to spinal fusion surgery, scoliosis surgery involves removing discs to realign the spine, prevent future shifting, and relieve sciatica symptoms.

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