How MAKOplasty® Is Revolutionizing Knee Replacement Surgery

While surgeons everywhere have been good about removing diseased bone and protecting muscles and other soft tissue during a knee replacement, there is always room for error. Using MAKOplasty® robotic technology significantly increases better outcomes for those who require a partial or total knee replacement. Most people who will benefit from a partial or total knee replacement will benefit from MAKOplasty® robotic technology. During the procedure, the surgeon guides the robotic arm in removing only diseased bone as the machine gives real-time information on cutting, shaping, and tissue replacement.

How MAKOplasty® Robotic Knee Replacement Works

The robotic arm uses images from a CT scan to create a 3D model of your knee with the machine. Once the incision is made, the surgeon marks areas on your knee to "connect" your actual knee with the 3D image.

This allows your surgeon to target the damaged portion of your knee without compromising any healthy bone and tissue. The robotic technology provides real-time images that show the surgeon where to remove damaged bone and tissue. A new implant is then fit into place, and the surgeon closes the incision.

Who Can Benefit from MAKOplasty?

If you are living with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee, MAKOplasty may be an appropriate option for you. People who have chronic knee pain, usually under the knee cap or on the inner knee, or feel stiffness in the knee when they stand up from a sitting position may be good candidates.

Those who fail to respond to NSAIDs or non-surgical treatments may also benefit from this procedure.

Some of the benefits of using MAKOplasty for a partial or full knee replacement include a more natural feeling after surgery, a shorter hospital stay, and quicker recovery. You can also return to your regular activities much quicker when using MAKOplasty than when using traditional knee replacement surgery.

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