Exceptional – Dr. Zelicof Came to Visit Me Everyday in Sound Shore Medical Center!

The first time I saw Dr. Zelicof he was my second opinion doc. I was sent by my primary care for one knee which was arthritic and in bad shape. He said he wanted pictures of both knees. He has an x-ray machine in his large office and he did it in 5 minutes, came back, had it on his PC he said, “You need double knee replacement surgery as soon as possible, your knees are bone on bone.” He said I will send you to physical therapy for 6 weeks before the operation to build up your muscles. So one year ago (January 2010) I had same-day double knee replacement surgery with the new women’s Stryker knee, which is very tough. He told me to call him if I had any problems. I called him from the hospital at 2am with a problem. He fixed it and came by to see me at 8am to check on me… I feel fantastic, no pain up down stairs, no pain sitting for long periods and getting up easily, I work out, etc…

- Anonymous

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