Why is arthritis worse when the weather is cold?

Sep 15 / 2021
Cold weather is fast approaching – or did you already know that because your joints have started to ache more than usual, like they do every fall? Some ...

Surgery for Scoliosis

Aug 15 / 2021
Scoliosis can affect anyone at any age, and in some patients it can cause serious back pain. Fortunately, surgery for scoliosis can provide relief from pain and a ...

What can you do about carpal tunnel syndrome?

Jul 15 / 2021
Have you noticed a tingling in your hand and fingers, or maybe a numb feeling? It may be just annoying at first, but then it starts happening all ...

The Importance of Posture

Jun 15 / 2021
Your Mother was Right! Sit up Straight! Bridging the Gap: Physical Therapy and Yoga Therapy By Meryle Richman: PT, DPT, MS, CST, RYT-500 Hours, Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic ...

Can Bunion Surgery Treat Your Foot Pain?

Jun 15 / 2021
Bunions are little things that can cause big problems! If you are having toe or foot pain, a bunion may be the reason – but there is help ...
man tennis

What Is a Tennis Elbow?

May 15 / 2021
“Tennis elbow” doesn’t just affect tennis players. Anyone who uses their elbows in a repetitive motion, such as painters and plumbers, can develop this condition. Read on for ...
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