Hip replacement

Hip Replacement: What You Need to Know

May 15 / 2023
The hip is one of the biggest bones in the body, and thus helps to carry and balance the weight of your body. Hips help support your ability ...
Man Using Ice Gel Pack On Injured Arm

Heat or Cold: Which One Is Better When You Are Injured?

Apr 15 / 2023
If you are in pain, often a good home remedy to start with is a hot or cold compress – but which one will work best in which situation? ...
Cropped portrait of black male runner wearing black training outfit touching his leg in pain

Know the Warning Signs of Osteoarthritis in the Knee

Mar 15 / 2023
If your knees have been hurting lately, there are a few different reasons you may be having this pain. Read on for signs that you may have osteoarthritis in ...
shot of woman runner suffering pain from Shin splint

What You Need To Know About Runner’s Knee

Feb 14 / 2023
The most important thing about runner’s knee that you should know is that anyone can get it – it isn’t just for hardcore runners! The other thing you ...
young fitness woman runner athlete running at road

Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Exercise More?

Jan 15 / 2023
Many, many people, every year, decide that their New Year’s resolution is to get more exercise. And almost as many people give up before February. Read on for ...
woman wearing lingerie smiling and drinking tea on bed

Take Care of Your Back During Holiday Travel

Dec 15 / 2022
This time of year can bring the excitement of the holidays, a much needed break from the usual busy schedule, and the joy of seeing family. Unfortunately, it ...
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