ACL Tears Aren’t Just for Athletes

Sep 15 / 2022
If you are a sports fan, especially basketball, soccer, or football, you can probably think of at least one star player who has been cut down in their ...
couple riding on tandem bicycle outdoors near the sea

Watch Out for These Common Summer Injuries

Aug 15 / 2022
The summer brings all kinds of opportunities for fun, with nicer weather and more time to spend out in the sun. It also brings the potential for minor ...

Why do my feet always hurt?

Jul 15 / 2022
If your feet hurt all the time, it can pretty much affect everything that you do. And unfortunately, there are many different reasons why they may be hurting, which ...
Rear view of woman stretching her arm and shoulder

Treating a Torn Bicep Tendon

Jun 25 / 2022
If you have a bicep tendon tear it can be a very painful surprise. A tendon tear can happen suddenly while you are lifting something heavy, or it ...
Low section of sportswoman suffering from knee pain while sitting on track during sunny day

Watch Out for These Common Knee Problems

May 15 / 2022
Knee pain can be excruciating, and if the knee is injured it may not only put you out of action for quite a while, it can make it ...
Three girls walking exercise outdoor

The Many Benefits of Walking

Apr 15 / 2022
You may think that to get any benefit from exercise you have to make it hurt, like spending hours at the gym or jogging a few miles a day. ...
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