How to Save Your Knees Without Giving Up Your Workout

Dec 03 / 2021
In the annals of unsolicited advice, few nuggets have been dispensed as widely and with less supporting evidence than this: “If you keep doing all that running, you’re ...

Good Balance Is Part of Good Health

Nov 15 / 2021
Having good balance is important for athletes – but it is also important for those of us who aren’t so athletically inclined. Good balance prevents falls and injuries, ...

Exercising more often doesn’t increase your risk of knee arthritis

Nov 09 / 2021
NewScience released an article that shared, Previous research has found conflicting results on a link between exercise and knee arthritis, but now it seems that the amount of ...
trigger finger

Help Is Available for Trigger Finger

Oct 15 / 2021
“Trigger finger” may be an amusing little name, but if you have this condition it is anything but amusing.  It can be annoying and downright painful – read ...

Why is arthritis worse when the weather is cold?

Sep 15 / 2021
Cold weather is fast approaching – or did you already know that because your joints have started to ache more than usual, like they do every fall? Some ...

Surgery for Scoliosis

Aug 15 / 2021
Scoliosis can affect anyone at any age, and in some patients it can cause serious back pain. Fortunately, surgery for scoliosis can provide relief from pain and a ...
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