Ankle Conditions New York

Minimize Ankle Injuries with Strengthening Exercises

Ankle instability can result in injuries that prevent you from exercising, participating in athletic events, or even enjoying simple daily activities. There are specific exercises you can perform ...
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Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Plantar fasciitis can be extremely debilitating, making it difficult for patients who suffer with the condition to stand or walk, especially first thing in the morning. Treating plantar ...
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Knee Arthritis Pain New York

What Do I Do If I Injure My Knee?

A knee injury can be incredibly painful. It depends on the severity of the injury as to how the injury should be treated. We recommend taking these steps ...
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What Is a Bunion?

A bunion, otherwise known as hallux valgus, is the most common deformity of the forefoot. Both hereditary and environmental factors may contribute to the condition. The incidence is ...
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What Are the Three Types of Sprains?

This time of year, as students return to school and fall sports resume, we see a lot of sprains. A sprained ankle can be a minor inconvenience, or ...
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Can Viscosupplementation Help with My Arthritis?

Arthritis can be a debilitating and painful disease that prevents you from enjoying your life. If you have tried other treatment options and still continue to suffer, viscosupplementation ...
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bunion in foot problem

How Do I Get Rid of my Bunion?

If you have an unsightly and painful bump on the outside of your big toe, you may have a bunion. What Are Bunions? Bunions are bony bumps that ...
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man in pain

Can Herniated Discs Go Away?

What is a Herniated Disc? A herniated disc, also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, happens when part of the soft center of the disc pushes through ...
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woman with knee pain

Treatment Options for Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis can be a painful condition, but different treatment options can help. You can effectively manage your knee arthritis symptoms with lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and surgery ...
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woman shoulder pain rotator cuff

How to Prevent Rotator Cuff Injuries

Your rotator cuff consists of four tendons and muscles that keep your upper-arm in your shoulder socket, and it helps you raise and rotate your arm. What is ...
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